Managing Too Much Demand

Losing clients and profit, when all seemed to go so well?

Too much demand may feel like a dream problem to have but in reality, this dilemma can lead to lost profits and failed client relationships.

How do you ensure an influx of high demand doesn’t damage your company?

Create a customer queue

Though it might seem impossible, there are ways to effectively queue your customers without disappointing them. We recommend remaining transparent about this process, and never promising more than you can deliver. Whilst it can seem tempting to grasp for all the custom you can get, clients will appreciate your honesty.

To make your customer queue more effective, be sure to:

  1. Reduce your response time. Nobody wants to be kept waiting, so keep your responses prompt and courteous.

  2. Prioritize requests. Not all new customer tasks need to be placed at the back of the queue. Some tasks may be able to be handled quickly, meaning you can shorten your queue continuously and offer a speedier service.

  3. Ensure requests are handled by the right people. The only thing worse than a long response time is having your request handled insufficiently. To keep customers happy, make sure your queue funnels task to the appropriate figures.

Operate an invite-only scheme

When demand is high, you can afford to be a little pickier about who you work with. One way of funneling requests is to operate an invite-only scheme, which allows you to set the criteria for membership. This in turn allows you to screen potential clients before investing time in building a relationship and it lessens the chance of fruitless enquiries.

Another benefit of invite-only schemes is that they heighten the sense of exclusivity, further impressing on your clients how valuable your services are.

Recommend partner services

If you’re sure that your company can’t accommodate, yet still want to retain a positive relationship with a prospective client, then recommend the services of a partner company. This is a wonderful way to avoid alienating future business relationships, whilst also helping to build stronger foundations with partners.

Your gesture is sure to be appreciated by all concerned, as the client still gets what they require, and the partner company gets a positive recommendation.

These are just a few of the best ways to manage demand within your company, and are all designed to ensure a continued influx of clients eager to work with you.


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