How to land yourself a senior engineer role, even if you don’t have years of software engineering experience.

December 2021

Equity is usually calculated based on the risk involved, but how much should a startup CTO receive?

November 2021

Startups are usually creative, flexible, agile and innovative, but what can they learn from traditional corporate companies?

October 2021

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August 2021

Not everyone is attracted by the risk of working at a startup, but here are six ways to convince someone that it isn’t as risky as they may think!

May 2021

Good developers know that it's easy to write code. It’s their space, their specialist subject. It’s where they’re most comfortable and they can churn…

April 2021

Product managers often face this tough decision: from two competing product ideas, which one should we put on our roadmap? If this is you, then read our…
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March 2021

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LinkedIn ranks product management as one of the most promising jobs you can get today. Here's what you need to know about this.
Instead of asking what might go wrong, we assume that the project has already gone down. How did it happen? What could we have done to avoid this?

February 2021

Developing an app is anything but a static process. And when developers work on a new feature, they often break old ones.